Training Class Details
Class Title: Child Development in the Context of Autism (for caregivers and professionals) [MONTEREY COUNTY PRIORITIZED]
Class Date: Thursday, June 22, 2023
Class Time: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Availability: Employees and Eligible Participants
Available spaces: 5
Class Location: Webinar - refer to the class description section for more information about how to participate.
[ Online ]
[ Online ], CA 94618
Class Trainers: Shoshana Phoenixx
Class Description:
Child Development in the Context of Autism (for caregivers and professionals)

Training Summary:

This course will offer both caregivers and professionals working with system-involved youth an opportunity to develop a greater understanding and perspective of the needs of autistic youth they care for or work with and how best to respectfully improve the outcomes for these system-involved youth. Participants will learn how a child’s developmental stages interact with their experiences of autism. Then we will engage a variety of practical and useful direct support skills beneficial for both themselves and families to use to understand the developmental challenges that autistic youth face and ways to modify their expectations and presumptions on the concept of mastery and competence.

Class Objectives: (what knowledge, ideas or skills will participants explore, learn, and practice
during the training)

Participants will:
-Learn about challenges of autism and how developmental stages affect how they engage
-Explore the differences and challenges faced by “literal communicators” vs. “abstract
communicators,” and the range of communication styles of system-involved youth in between
those extremes.
-Learn about the wide variety of over and under stimulating environments and possible cooccurring features of autism and their potential effects on affect, behavior, and outcomes
for system-involved youth.

How can participants utilize their new skills and knowledge after the training to reinforce their learning? 
-Help foster a strong relationship with the autistic youth they work with or care for
-Help the youth develop a sense of confidence in their own communication.