Training Class Details
Class Title: How to Talk to Teens About S-E-X [MONTEREY COUNTY CAREGIVERS ONLY]
Class Date: Saturday, April 29, 2023
Class Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Availability: Employees and Eligible Participants
Available spaces: 12
Class Location: Webinar - refer to the class description section for more information about how to participate.
[ Online ]
[ Online ], CA 94618
Class Trainers: Rachel Michaelsen
Class Description:

How to Talk to Teens About S-E-X 


*Foster/resource parents, adoptive parents, legal guardians, relative caregivers


Training Summary:

Talking to youth about S-E-X can be a scary for adults and embarrassing for kids. Nearly 87% of adolescents agree that “it would be easier to postpone sexual activity and avoid adolescent pregnancy if they were able to have more open, honest conversations about these topics.”  Research has also found that when teens remain connected with parents, guardians and other trusted adults there is a positive impact on important aspects of adolescent sexual health. Learn how to improve the conversations with the teens in your life regarding aspects of health, healthy relationships, sexuality and making positive choices. Participants will have an opportunity to explore their feelings about values, about teen sexuality, and make a plan to have positive conversations with teens.  


Class Objectives: (what knowledge, ideas or skills will participants explore, learn, and practice etc. during the training) 


Participants will:

·        Identify at least two challenges they have to discussing S-E-X with the teens in their life;

·        List two signs of healthy relationships and two signs of potentially abusive relationships;

·        Identify at least two resources they can use to help them have difficult conversations with youth about relationships and S-E-X.


How can participants utilize their new skills and knowledge after the training to reinforce their learning?

·        Make a plan for discussing different topics about S-E-X and relationships with teens;

·        Identify which topics are most important to discuss with the teens in their lives;