Training Class Details
Class Title: Techniques for Supporting New Learning to Improve Behaviors, Mood, and Academics [MONTEREY COUNTY CAREGIVERS ONLY]
Class Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2023
Class Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Availability: Employees and Eligible Participants
Available spaces: 14
Class Location: Webinar - refer to the class description section for more information about how to participate.
[ Online ]
[ Online ], CA 94618
Class Trainers: Rachel Michaelsen
Class Description:

Techniques for Supporting New Learning to Improve Behaviors, Mood and Academics for Monterey County Caregivers*

*Resource/foster parents, adoptive parents, legal guardians, relative caregivers


Training Summary: 

Abuse and neglect can teach system-involved youth that they are not safe in the world and people are not trustworthy. It also impacts how the brain functions both emotionally and cognitively. There are many things caregivers can do to support youth in healing from past trauma, thus helping to improve behavior, mood, and academic performance. Learn about how to support youth’s healing through both activities and ways of interacting with traumatized youth.


Class Objectives: (what knowledge, ideas or skills will participants explore, learn, and practice etc. during the training) 


Participants will:

·        Identify at least 2 signs that a system-involved youth has learned to feel unsafe and/or untrusting

·        Determine which types of strategies will counter negative learning and increase a sense of safety and trust

·        Learn how to utilize at least two activities and two kinds of  interactions that create a sense of safety and trust in system-involved youth


How can participants utilize their new skills and knowledge after the training to reinforce their learning?

·        Develop a plan to integrate new activities into family life;

·        Make specific plans regarding how to interact with youth when they are in distress using material discussed in this class