Training Class Details
Class Title: Summer Series-Trauma Informed Self- and Co-Regulation in School Settings Using Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology
Class Date: Friday, August 20, 2021
Class Time: 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Availability: Employees and Eligible Participants
Available spaces: 11
Class Location: Webinar - refer to the class description section for more information about how to participate.
[ Online ]
[ Online ], CA 94618
Class Trainers: Rachel Michaelsen
Class Description:

Trauma Informed Self- and Co-Regulation in School Settings Using Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology

System-involved youth experience disproportionate levels of stress compared to their non-system-involved youth. Under stressful situations the amygdala is activated, making it difficult to learn or make rational decisions. Highly stressed youth and staff in learning environments have difficulty learning and teaching. Learning and using self and co-regulating exercise from the field of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology provide resources to downregulate the nervous system, which facilitates learning and teaching. Using a trauma informed approach, participants will learn how the nervous system is impacted by stress and trauma, techniques to calm the nervous system and ways to use these techniques to calm and build resilience in learning settings such as the community that serves youth and families.


Class Objectives: (what knowledge, ideas or skills will participants explore, learn, and practice during the training)

 Participants will be able to:

1.      Articulate how stress and trauma impacts youth’s ability to learn and function in a learning environment and staff’s ability to maintain a regulated state under stressful situations;

2.      Explain how self and co-regulation can calm the nervous system.

3.      Lead individuals and groups in three or more regulating exercises.

4.      Develop a plan to integrate exercises into various setting


How can participants utilize their new skills and knowledge after the training to reinforce their learning?

  • Practice techniques with themselves and their colleagues.

  • Use techniques with youth and in individual contacts.