Training Class Details
Cost: $150.00
Class Title: Restorative Practices: Emotional Awareness for Men and Boys
Class Date: Friday, February 1, 2019
Class Time: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Availability: To everyone
Available spaces: 17
Class Location: Seneca Center for Education and Training - Berkeley/Oakland Center
6925 Chabot Road
Oakland, CA 94618
Class Trainers: Gabriel Kram
Earl Simms
Class Description:

Restorative Practices: Emotional Awareness for Men and Boys


Presented by Gabriel Kram & Earl Simms


Every day in our culture, men are harming others and themselves because they are unable to be present with their own emotions. In this training, we’ll explore the acculturation of men around their own emotionality, reflect on the mediating role of culture in emotional

awareness, reflect on theories of developing and supporting the development of emotional self- and other-awareness, and engage in practices for helping young people develop and increase their emotional intelligence. While we will focus on men, many principles of the

training are generally applicable to developing EQ for all young people, and of course the training is open to all providers.



-We will examine why it is that so many men in our culture have a hard time accessing

emotions in themselves, or being present with emotions in others

-analyse the roles of socialization and culture in the development of men’s emotionality

-explore principles of developing emotional intelligence

-practice experiential exercises, skills, and activities for helping young people develop

emotional awareness

Fee is waived for Seneca employees & eligible participants.

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